About Us

Advocates for Aging believes in challenging the business of aging. We also believe in taking a different approach to aging services and programs. We create services and products for today's older adults. 

By working across multiple sectors in the aging industry, we are able to develop quality programs, products, and services for older adults and their families.

When you work with us you have access to our knowledge base over 50 experts with over 1,600 years of experience.

If you are looking for a company with a focus on aging today.  

Call us at 619.742.3368 for a free discovery session. 


► We help consultants, tech startups, and small business owners develop strategies to reach the $5.6 trillion age 50 plus market by providing industry-specific marketing services. This includes community engagement, social media, and website optimization.

► In addition, we coach gerontologists, community outreach, and professionals in aging boost their social media skills. We offer coaching services including social media platform selection, follower development, and time-saving strategies.

►We work with busy professionals. Call us when you need solutions for senior housing and transportation.


Our incubator has been busy! Developing lifelong learning programs for today's older adults. Learn more about our workshops designed for community groups, faith-based organizations, and senior centers.

  • Brain Fit Now (Brain Health)
  • Come Back Cupid ( Dating After 65)
  • Encore 101 HQ (Entrepreneurship)
  • Freewheeling After Sixty (Aging Drivers)


Founded in 2008, Advocates for Aging is an incubator for startups focused on researching, developing, and piloting innovative quality of life projects for older adults. Projects include; brain health, entrepreneurship, dating, and transportation programs.

To spread our message with every purchase your company or organization makes you pay it forward to a similar organization. When programs or workshops are purchased from Advocates For Aging, a percentage of the fee is deposited into a special fund which allows Advocates For Aging Cares a 501c3 nonprofit organization to offer a complimentary lecture to another organization.


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Contact us at 619.742.3368 to learn more.