Improve the customer experience

Discover how to convert the fastest-growing consumer demographic, adults over age 85


The Advocates For Aging range of assessments help guide startups as they develop products for this market, entrepreneurs refine their marketing message, and organizations maximize their customer service processes.

Age Simulation Experience

Unleash workforce creativity to design better products and deliver services through age awareness. Our unique tactile “aging process” enables participants to discover the physical and emotional aspects of aging. Join us and discover how high your product rates on the customer journey during this age simulation experience.

Customer Experience

Explore the challenges older consumers face and learn how to customize your product meets their needs. Use this to improve communication and interactions with your customers.


The Silver Economy

AARP reports that 68% of adults over age 50 believe today’s technology is not designed with them in mind. 

Older consumer

The Aging Consumer

We help clients solve some of their most pressing customer service challenges. With Advocates For Aging discover the power of age awareness and the value to your business.


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